Due to COVID-19, the organizers of the conference have agreed to cancel the event. For both safety as well as with the expectation that a new rule closing organized events over 3 people until June in the Netherlands has made the conferene this year untenable. The conference will continue in 2021 (likely to be in August just as this year was scheduled for). We are looking into the possibility of a remote conference sometime this summer in collaboration with the American conference.

What is PerlCon EU?

PerlCon, formerly known as YAPC Europe, is the yearly gathering of Perl programmers (both Perl5 and Raku [formerly known as Perl6]). It draws people from all over Europe, but also many American and even Asian Perl developers.

PerlCon is held yearly in a different European city In 2020, it will take place in Amsterdam. The conference offers workshops by renowned speakers on Monday and Tuesday. Thereafter three days with upto four tracks of presentations on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The conference takes place in August 2020.

Other important parts of the conference include the Attendees Dinner, usually held on a Wednesday or Thursday night. Sometimes, the conference is followed by one or more hackathons.


To contact the organizers please email Please be patient for us to respond to you.

Room name or Dinner

This means you have one of the rooms named after you. Alternately you can sponsor the dinner


You will receive a table in a high traffic area for the full day where you can showcase your products and/or recruit developers.


Goodies distributed at check in to the conference attendees


  Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Honorable
Cost 42,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 1000
Max number of sponsors at this level 1 2 2 9 9 9
Main room name x          
Free tickets 42 20 15 10 5 2
Logo on shirt x x x      
Specially thanked at start and end ceremonies x x x      
Thanked during announcements x x x x    
Goodies x x x      
Room name or dinner x x x      
Logo and description x x x      
Logo on site x x x x x  
Link on website x x x x x  
Technical talk 3 2 1