Due to COVID-19, the organizers of the conference have agreed to cancel the event. For both safety as well as with the expectation that a new rule closing organized events over 3 people until June in the Netherlands has made the conferene this year untenable. The conference will continue in 2021 (likely to be in August just as this year was scheduled for). We are looking into the possibility of a remote conference sometime this summer in collaboration with the American conference.


Every year there is a Perl Conference in Europe. It has gone by many names, originally being called YAPC (Yet Another Perl Conference), a tongue in cheek naming which was more recently changed to more clearly represent that this conference is the largest and premier Perl conference in Europe.

Due to the Perl 6 programming language renaming to Raku, this year the name has been changed to The Perl and Raku Conference or PerlRakuCon for short (PerlCon or RakuCon are also acceptable).


More details about becoming a sponsor will be available soon. Please send an email to with the word ‘sponsorship’ in the in the subject line to make in inquiry or to be notified once the sponsorship information is ready.

Past locations:

PerlCon in Rīga, Latvia 2019

The Perl Conference in Glasgow, Scotland 2018

The Perl Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands 2017

YAPC::Europe in Cluj-Napoca, Romania 2016

YAPC::Europe in Granada, Spain 2015

YAPC::Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria 2014

YAPC::Europe in Kiev, Ukraine 2013

YAPC::Europe in Frankfurt, Germany 2012

YAPC::Europe in Rīga, Latvia 2011

YAPC::Europe in Pisa, Italy 2010

YAPC::Europe in Lisbon, Portugal 2009

YAPC::Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark 2008

YAPC::Europe in Vienna, Austria 2007

YAPC::Europe in Birmingham, United Kingdom 2006

YAPC::Europe in Braga, Portugal 2005

YAPC::Europe in Belfast, Northern Ireland 2004

YAPC::Europe in Paris, France 2003

YAPC::Europe in Munich, Germany 2002

YAPC::Europe in Amsterdam, Netherlands 2001

YAPC::Europe in London, England 2000